Our Mori-Seiki vertical supports our Mazak Turning centers. The Mori-Seiki quality, accuracy and reliability have always been legendary with machinists. At Cubik Industries we concur as the machine is as accurate at the beginning as at the end of the day and it has never given us any maintenance or reliability problems.

We began with Mazak equipment due to their excellent reputation and ease of use. Mazak is also located 10 minutes from Cubik Industries, but since we have not had any reliability or service issues we have not had to test Mazak's support. We run these machines continuously and use Blasers Swisslube exclusively.

Our Mazak Quick Turn 20 provides fine finishes that eliminate secondary operations and with the wide range of tooling Cubik Industries has on hand we can tool for your project very quickly.

We have been running a lot of titanium parts on our Mazak Quick Turn 10 and the customers are pleased that we always exceed their accuracy requirements.

Every machine shop has to have a Hardinge for precision operations on small parts. We have an extensive range of collets and tooling to support our cnc machining operations.

Our customers have asked us to provide them precision cnc wire cutting operations for the fine detail cutting and profiling required in their products. Cubik Industries can save these customers money by eliminating the additional administrative burden of having to deal with separate suppliers.

Cubik Industries has a complete metrology and gauging department with Brown & Sharpe and Mitutoyo inspection equipment. A full complement of standard gauging equipment is on hand to meet your most stringent requirements.

Sometimes the quickest solution is a mill vise and a Bridgeport. We also have a full complement of manual equipment to support our cnc operations. At Cubik Industries you are dealing with principals who still know what a hand crank is.