Cubik Industries has extensive aerospace machining experience. Often the documentation weighs more than the parts and the requirements are exceedingly thorough. Often the interpretation between engineering and manufacturing requires years of experience to avoid costly mistakes. Cubik Industries has decades of experience in producing a wide variety of CNC machined aerospace parts. Please look at a few examples of our work. Please feel free to call us: (310) 769 1632

17-4 Stainless Clevis for an aerospace customer. Part is made from material in a 3" x 9" envelope. Parts delivered on time.

This two part aerospace part shows the mill-turn capabilities of Cubik Industries. We also handled the anodization of the parts with our anodizer Aerodynamic Plating of Gardena, California, a few minutes from our facility. Our close partnerships with specialists such as Aerodynamic Plating, insures quick turn around of your production with less administrative burden for your business.

These are some parts thatr show our turning and miling capabilities that involve both external and internal operations.